The National Air Races and the larger-than-life heros of that thrilling aerial drama, the race pilots, inspired generations of young men and women to fulfill their sense of adventure and pursue their dreams of taking to the air.
The Story of the 1929-1949 National Air Races presents the first comprehensive, documentary film of the golden age of air racing…a fascinating and significant era in aviation’s rich history.
Thrill to the daring feats of the most famous aviators of the era…Jimmy Doolittle, Roscoe Turner, Steve Wittman, Amelia Earhart, Pancho Barnes and many more!
The 130 minute film utilizes well-researched, archival photographs, film and newsreel footage from around the country as well as private photo and film collections…much of which is being presented for the first time in this unique documentary DVD.
The DVD presents over 600 striking, rare photographs and nearly an hour of thrilling vintage film. All of the major races and many of the other exciting air show events are included, woven into a spell-binding, narrated, year-by-year tale of the National Air Races.
The National Air Races were among the top spectator events of their time, comparable in popularity to the Kentucky Derby and the Indianapolis 500, and routinely 100,000 race fans attended each day of the competition. Beyond the immense entertainment value, the hotly-contested, record-setting cross-country and pylon races are credited with many major advancements in aircraft design and performance, particularly during the years between the world wars.
The lengendary pilots, both men and women, the aircraft designers, and the race planes themselves are the stars of this one-of-a-kind air racing film. The dramatic footage includes the cutting-edge, homebuilt racers of the 1930s, faster than the best the military had at the time. The highly-modified, surplus WWII planes, today’s Unlimited-class racers, are also covered. The film even provides in-depth coverage of the nimble and fast Goodyear-class of racers which are the current Formula One race class…it’s all here!

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