About Us

About Us

To all our dear friends….

Here is our fantastic new website for an exciting New Millennium! We have found thousands of new titles for your collecting and viewing pleasure. In addition, we are now listing all the films that are currently available on DVD. Just look up your favorite film and see if it is now available in that format.

Our new factory outlet store at 100 Dickerson Street in Dover, NJ has been a big hit! It is filled with videos, books, shirts and lots of militaria, including a Russian Maxim machine gun! My current fantasy: a Sherman tank to enhance the parking lot! Hope you can stop by and see us there.

Most of you who have called during the day have become acquainted with our great new sales manager, Linda. She knows the movies almost as well as yours truly the VideoGuru and will be able to help you with all your questions and orders, or grab my ear when I slow down long enough to get caught! Also, our graphic artist, Pam, has created many new video covers for our Belle & Blade Exclusives Library. She hopes you will have as much fun owning them as she did making them.

To all of our good loyal customers: our service philosophy has not changed! We will not answer by computer, and we will handle every person’s request personally and individually. We are a hands-on company of not-so- perfect humans who like to have a good time bringing you a good time. To help us out, please make sure that all personal information that you give us (name, address, credit card number, etc.) is clear and accurate, otherwise your order may be sent to the Twilight Zone. And yes, sometimes we will make a mistake, but most of the time we will make your day!

Finally, to all of our honored Veterans who have made it to the Millennium after serving our country: thank you again for sharing your memories and adventures and your love for our country. I hope you take the time to share all your stories with the kidsÂ…they need to know what this century was all about.

As always, please feel free to contact me with comments, questions, or (hopefully) compliments.

All the best,
Steve Mormando
President and CEO

The most complete war video selection!

If you can name a war video that I have not heard of, I will give you a free video! I can also identify most war films by the plot and actors. If you can find a company that lists more or can find more war films than Belle & Blade Studios, I will eat the catalog!

The Belle & Blade guarantee:

If your video is broken or does not work right, please send it back and we will immediately send you a good one. We will credit your account for the shipping. Just put a note in the box on what is wrong. Please note: We are not a rental store.
If you do not like the content of a film, you are S.O.L. We cannot guarantee that you will like the film that you get, so please make sure that when you order it, you want it.

About the Prez:

Sabre Fencer Steve Mormando, ex-Anti-Submarine Warfare Operator in the USN, represented the United States in the 1984, ’88 and ’92 Olympic Games. Steve is a 14-time U.S. National Champion, Pan-American Champion, and finalist in both the Olympic Games and World Championships. In 1998, Steve won the Nike World Masters Sabre Championship, defeating 1980 Olympic Gold Medalist Nikolai Alekhine from the former Soviet Union. Steve is also a member of the Toms River and Rutgers University Hall of Fames, was athlete co-captain for the 1992 Olympic Team and has been Head Coach of Fencing at New York University for the past 19 years, producing 6 NCAA Champions, 7 winners of Best Sportsmanship Awards and over 40 All-Americans.

Any Questions? Please Contact us at video.guru@verizon.net