Ace Of Clubs (1925) / Another Man’s Boots (1922) (Silent)-DVD




Ace of Clubs (1926): The Horton Ranch is in the grip of a violent range war, which brings Jack Horton home – but not in time to save his brother, who has been mysteriously murdered. Like their father, the only clue is a playing card – the Ace of Clubs – pinned to his coat. Despite the pleas of his grieving mother, Jack is determined to avenge the family. Starring Al Hoxie, Minna Serry Redman, Jules Cowles and Peggy Montgomery; Directed by J.P. McGowan.

Another Man’s Boots (1922): Cow-puncher Ned Hadley is called home to Montana after a 15-year absence due to a family emergency, but before he can begin his journey he is robbed by bandits. As he lays dying, Ned begs his friend ‘The Stranger’ to go in his stead by assuming his identity. The Stranger’s noble ruse becomes complicated when he’s attracted to Ned’s younger sister Nell. But first he must contend with ‘Sly’ Stevens, a lascivious, vicious neighbor who covets Nell – and the Hadleys’ secret gold mine – for himself. Starring Francis Ford, Elvira Weil, Robert Kortman and Frank Lanning; Directed by William James Craft.


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