A war film starring Howard Keel as a gruff Colonel who believes a large contingency of the German army is in the vicinity, and refuses to let up on his men who are ordered to locate them – on night patrols and day patrols. Beautiful Tina Louise, posing as a wounded American woman (actually spying for the Germans) draws tenderness from Earl Holliman, who believes her, treats her tenderly as the wounded woman she appears to be. She also draws abuse from bad boy swaggering Burt Reynolds in one of his earliest roles. All of them do a good job of acting, creating a tension-filled story line that climaxes when the Germans attack, the Allied Commanding Officer wakes up to the truth that a huge armored division of the German army is, indeed, in the area and advancing toward his outnumbered men and finds an Allied tank division to stop them. Men die as the tanks and machine guns blow up the area on their advance. Tina Louise takes the opportunity to kill Burt Reynolds and Earl Holliman kills Tina Louise just before he is blown up. Death is all around as Howard Keel, who believed no man was indispensable is seen wiping a tear as he hears a report of who didn’t make it

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