BLACK ARROW (Disney Version)- DVD


Produced for cable TV by The Disney Channel, The Black Arrow is based on the classic Robert Louis Stevenson adventure tale. Stephen Chase plays the title character, a dogooding swashbuckler who tries to avenge his father’s murder during the War of the Roses. Though Chase carries the bulk of the action, top billing is bestowed upon the film’s villains, Oliver Reed (as Sir Daniel Brackley) and Fernando Rey (as the Earl of Warwick). Black Arrow made its TV debut on January 6, 1985. Actor Character Donald Pleasence Starring Oates Oliver Reed Starring Sir Daniel Brackley Fernando Rey Starring Earl of Warwick Benedict Taylor Starring Richard Shelton Roy Boyd Will Lawless Frank Brana Sykes Ralph Brown Yardley Stephan Chase Black Arrow Carol Gotell Hannah Robert Russell Appleyard Aldo Sanbrell Scar Georgia Slowe Lady Joanna

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