The spectacular true story of survival and heroism that brought the free world to the brink of defeat. Starring Franka Potente (The Bourne Identity) The Bridge is a breathless and uttery gripping tale of of courage and heroism amid the explosive chaos of World War II. Just a few weeks before the surrender of Nazi Germany to the allies, young recruit Albert is drafted along with a cadre of soldiers to defend The Bridge, a vital lifeline for the war effort and a strategic vantage point that must be protected to the death. As the Allied forces approach, troops are mobilised, bombs begin to fall and anarchy begins to take hold. With their superiors fleeing Albert and his brave band of brothers are left in a life or death battle to survive. Confronted by the brutal reality of war these young heroes must defend their land and their people at all costs, before the madness of war consumes them all. …ENGLISH SUBTITLES

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