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These state-of-the-art recordings use the highest quality microphones and digital production technology available to give you the thrilling sounds of aviation. Every CD is over an hour long and packed full of super sonic thrills and spine-tingling sounds. Have you ever wondered what it sounds like in the cockpit of a Lockheed P-38 lightning? Ever wondered what a P-38 vs. Zero dogfight might sound like over a remote Pacific island during WW2? Ever wish you could hear the sounds of Lefty Gardner’s P-38 aerobatic routine at Reno just one more time? Wish no longer. You’ll hear all the above and much much more on CheckFlight P-38. All the beautiful sounds of the Lockheed P-38 plus an interview with Lefty Gardner and WW2 P-38 ace Jack Purdy are yours on CheckFlight P-38. Menu: 1. P-38 Engine Start and Taxi-away 2. Pre-flight Engine Run-up and Mag Check 3. Take-off aerobatics and Landing 4. In-Cockpit Flight (It’s got everything!) 5. P-38 in Bronze Race at Reno with P-51s P-40s T-28s Corsairs and more 6. P-38 Zero Dogfight [computer aided] 7. Lefty Gardner Conversation 8. Jack Purdy Conversation “AirCraft Records’ one of a kind recordings captures all the drama and excitement of flying in crystal clear CD sound!”


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