Actor Lloyd Hughes (1897-1958), who stars in both films in this high-flying double feature, found his greatest fame during Hollywood’s silent era, appearing in such classics as Tess of the Storm Country (1922) opposite Mary Pickford, The Lost World (1925), Mysterious Island (1929), and the 1930 sound version of Moby Dick, which starred John Barrymore as Captain Ahab.

Clipped Wings (1937, B&W): Mickey Brown has dreamed of becoming a pilot in the Air Corps since his war hero older brother Jerry was shot down in battle. His hopes are dashed when he fails to graduate flight school. Mickey gets a second chance to prove his courage and earn his wings when he is recruited to help bust a notorious band of oil smugglers. Starring Lloyd Hughes, William Janney, Russell Hicks, Jason Robards Sr.; directed by Stuart Paton.

Skybound (1935, B&W): John Kent, the leader of the Flying Border Patrol, is bent on bringing a murderous band of smugglers to justice. Using a beautiful singer as bait, the criminals are able to recruit Kent’s vulnerable younger brother, Doug, to their fold, as they plot to sabotage the authorities once and for all. Starring Lloyd Hughes, Eddie Nugent, Lona Andre, Grant Withers; directed by Bernard B. Ray.

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