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Shot in a gritty, newsreel style, this critically acclaimed war film tells the true story of one of the most brutal battles of World War II. Joe Banning, an American tank commander, is given a new crew made up of misfits washed out of the Armed Forces. They are sent to an Egyptian desert tomb to investigate reports that the Nazis are using it as an ammunition depot. Banning finds it abandoned except for a simple merchant, Salim, and his beautiful niece, Jara. Salim, however, is not what he seems. An undercover spy for the Nazis, he informs his superiors of Banning’s arrival. Soon a German advance squad arrives to destroy the lone tank and its crew. But Banning will not give up the ammunition depot without a fight, and leads his ragtag band of officers into what will forever be remembered as the Battle of El Alamein.

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