“Narrated by Keith Carradine, “Gettysburg and Stories of Valor – CIVIL WAR MINUTESĀ® III” focuses on one of the most exciting periods in United States history, America’s Civil War. This 3-hour documentary captures the scenic beauty of the Gettysburg battlefield, examines rare Civil War artifacts and tells the personal stories of the men who fought in the war. Disc One covers the Battle of Gettysburg with episodes such as: Colonel Strong Vincent’s defense of Little Round Top; Hallowed Ground of Gettysburg National Cemetery including the grave of President Nixon s great-grandfather; mysterious Devil’s Den photographs; General Winfield Scott Hancock’s injury and presidential campaign; and Confederate General Lewis Armistead’s secret distress call. Disc Two focuses on additional heroic and tragic moments in the Civil War such as: brutality at the Dead Line in Andersonville Prison; loss of Brigadier General Alexander Hays; medical and surgical history of the war; the Confederate President; and explosion at Allegheny Arsenal. Special Features Include: Full-length commentary track with Michael Kraus, David M. Neville and Mark Bussler. Interview with Writers Michael Kraus and David M. Neville about the cultural and military significance of Gettysburg, illustrated with deleted scenes from the film. Trailers for “Johnstown Flood,” “CIVIL WAR MINUTESĀ® – Confederate” and “Civil War Life – Shot to Pieces.


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