American Civil War: Images of the Civil War: The Paintings of Mort Kunstler -and- Gettysburg: The Last Full Measure – DVD




It was a war unlike any the world had ever known. A uniquely American conflict that divided families, pitted brother against brother, and separated a nation that had lived under the same flag and under the same laws for almost 90 years. No conflict in America s battle-weary history has stirred the national heart and imagination so completely as the Civil War, and none has brought as much desire to know more, see more and hear more. In this package, Legend Films is proud to bring you two features from Lou Reda Productions, each focusing on the American Civil War. In Images of the Civil War: The Paintings of Mort Kunstler, you ll see the war come to life in a way never previously known as the incredible talent of Mr. Kunstler recreates some of the war s most famed moments, each piece exhaustively researched all the way down to the correct angle of the sun for each wartime moment. In Gettysburg: The Last Full Measure, Stacy Keach leads you through a focused piece on the most famous battle of the war, including commentary from the famed historian Bruce Catton. We ve also included a bonus with this package: a 45-minute feature on the photographers of the civil war!


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