Robert Carlyle is “flat-out brilliant” as Adolf Hitler, the most feared figure of his time and the focus of this Emmy®-winning miniseries (San Francisco Chronicle). Accompanied by an all-star cast—Liev Schreiber, Julianna Margulies, Jena Malone, Matthew Modine, Peter O’Toole, Stockard Channing and Peter Stormare—Carlyle embodies a pure evil that no history book could ever describe…deep hatred rooted in the soul of dangerous man.
A young child with an affinity for art, Hitler (Carlyle) soon morphed first into a spiteful bigot, then gradually into an articulate activist. As his vendetta grew into a plan for world domination, the good men around him (including Schreiber) no longer knew how to handle Hitler’s eccentric and wildly uncontrollable behavior. Instead they stood back and let the fate of the Jews fall into his cruel hands. His destruction was insurmountable, but their inability to hinder his power ultimately led to Hitler’s Rise of Evil.

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