The story opens in 12th Century England, King Richard is being held to ransom in Germany and Prince John is attempting to usurp the throne. In Sherwood forest a man is robbed and killed by masked outlaws, the Sheriff of Nottingham makes a declaration that there is to be an even higher price on the head of the villain Robin Hood. Meanwhile, Sir Nigel Saltire (Douglas Wilmer) and Duke Moraine discuss the robbery, the man was a messenger and was carrying vital information; believing Robin Hood to be behind the crime they set off to track him down. Robin (Don Taylor), with his usual motley band, is adament that his men did not steal the trinket, but learning that it contains vital news of the King’s return that could endanger Richard’s life if in the wrong hands, agrees to help recover it. After some detective work they track down the men behind the crime and trace the theft back to Sir Guy Belton. Robin sneaks into Belton’s castle as a minstrel, but the knight has discovered the hidden message and is preparing to ambush Richard as he lands on the coast; it is up to Robin and Friar Tuck to save the day, and the life of the King.

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