This production was filmed on location in the Italian Dolomites and the Austrian Tyrol. It chronicles the Alpine war experiences of young Toni Bruggler (Ludwig Kerscher), a Tyrolean-German member of the Standschützen (militiamen), comprised of those who are too young or old to fight in the Austro-Hungarian Habsburg army. When Italy declares war on the Austrians, the Tyrol becomes a war zone. The Italians launch a surprise attack against the Austrians in a literally explosive, snowswept storm scene reinforced by Herbert Windt s rousing musical score and Sepp Allgeier s breathtaking Alpine cinematography and combat footage. As most of the picture unfolds in the Tyrolean Alps, it is both a Bergfilm (mountain film), a genre unique to German cinema, and a suspenseful war film that delivers visually stunning battles in the snow.
Germany, 1936, B&W, 90 mins. Directed by Werner Klingler. Starring Ludwig Kerscher, Franziska Kinz, Rolf Pinegger, Eduard Köck, Gustl Stark-Gstettenbauer , Lola Chlud. German dialogue, Switchable English subtitles.

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