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Corporal Steve Wagner, Canadian-born of German descent, is a five-year veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police force. He and his partner Corporal Jim Austin, who patrol the back country of Northern Ontario, trust each other implicitly. One winter day, they come across and detain German Luftwaffe pilot Colonel Hugo von Keller, who is on an unknown war mission in Canada. The way that Steve interacts with von Keller is seen as being potentially disloyal to his job and to the Allied forces by his superior, Inspector Barnett. Being of German descent does not help Steve’s cause. After von Keller is sent to an internment camp from where he escapes, Barnett arrests Steve for a subsequent incident involving news of von Keller’s escape. While on bail awaiting trial, Steve ends up meeting with von Keller and his accomplices. In reality, Steve’s arrest was all a ploy by the RCMP for him to infiltrate von Keller’s group to discover what his mission is. von Keller allows Steve into the group because of his knowledge of navigating the back country in winter, which von Keller is ill equipped to do. However, none of the key players on this trip trust anyone, they who include von Keller, an American named Ernst who is working for the Nazis, and Tom Dagor, an aboriginal who is helping von Keller since he believes native Americans would be better served under the Germans. Steve’s task is made all the more difficult by his fiancĂ©e, Laura McBain, who doesn’t believe the charges against Steve and thus goes on her own search for him. …Northern Pursuit


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