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Once An Eagle is the epic story of America in the 20th Century, told through the lives of two career soldiers, spanning the tumultuous years from WWI to the Vietnam Era. Based on the best-selling novel by Anton Myrer, Once An Eagle is one of the most acclaimed mini-series of all time, alongside “Winds of War” and “War and Remembrance.” Sam Elliott takes on the role of Sam Damon, a courageous and compassionate man who finds his calling leading his men in war and in peacetime. Cliff Potts, on the other hand, plays Courtney Massengale, a ruthless achiever who will let nothing stand in his way to the top. The eve of America’s entry into WWI finds the men friends, but as events unfold, the vast difference in their personalities leads to a face-off in a life and death struggle of good versus evil.

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