As the outcome of the Second World War was being decided on the war-torn battlefields of Western and Eastern Europe, the millions of civilians at home were fighting a completely different battle of their own. Being responsible for the production of armaments and the upkeep of national morale, the civilians played a critical role in the war effort as a whole. In an attempt to disrupt this, both the allies and the enemy concentrated countless raids on towns and cities, bringing the war to their very doorsteps. These attacks became the War on the Home Front, changing the lives of everyone completely.rnrnTo combat these new threats, a wide range of anti-aircraft defences were employed and were key to the survival of the men, women and children still at home. At the same time, fighting on the battlegrounds was becoming fiercer by the day, with every meter of ground being bitterly contended by both sides.rnrnIn Front Lines and German Home Front, a selection of original and rare archive footage is split into four films which give an eye opening and intense insight to the way of life at that time.

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