On the vast oceans of the Atlantic and the Pacific, thousands of German and Allied convoys faced a daily torment, not knowing whether their latest trip would be their last. With German U-Boats and Allied Cruisers patrolling the seas, many thousands aboard the convoys met their death at sea. The German transporters, often alone, fought a desperate and hopeless war against a far superior opponent.

The task of ferrying supplies to the front lines was made even harder before 1941 by the Americans (neutral until the attack on Pearl Harbor) who gave the positions of the German ships to the Royal Navy so that they could confront them in the open seas. This DVD explores the allied and enemy warships and their attacks on convoys with the help of original and unseen archive footage.

The DVD then documents the heroic story of German transporters and war ships on a rescue mission to save German civilians at the end of 1944. This fascinating story, that is virtually unheard of outside of Germany, was code-named “Rettung”, with German ships saving approximately 2.5 million German civilians from being captured by the Russians. 50 Minutes.

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