Trapped behind enemy lines in the Belgian Ardennes Forest was not how Captain Winley wanted to spend Christmas. But being in possession of critical information about Hitler’s plans left him with no alternative but to sneak past the German Army and deliver the news that could save American lives.

Discover the true account of the Malmédy Massacre that occurred during Hitler’s final push to win World War II, the Battle of the Bulge, through the eyes of the POWs who escaped the tragedy.

Follow Captain Winley as he dodges enemy bullets and battles the elements to fulfill his impossible mission. When all seems lost, he unexpectedly runs into a small band American POWs escaping the massacre.

When Winley meets Corporal Gould, a bitter and disillusioned medic, he sees more of himself than he cares to admit. Each is plagued by the loss of loved one and worn from the ravages of war. But when Winley sees the sacrifice of others, it changes him in ways he never imagined.

Will Captain Winley make it back across the front line in order to deliver his vital information? Will he rediscover his lost humanity?

Find the answers and discover the SAINT within every SOLDIER through Scott’s crisp and creative storytelling and emotionally compelling characters in this brilliant, and very human, work of historical fiction.

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