STALINGRAD – DVD (1992 version)


There are no heroes or villains in this stark German-made film about a WWII battle that claimed nearly one and half million lives. Instead, it reveals the humanity and vulnerability of both Russian defenders and German invaders caught in an epic winter siege. Without preaching, it unflinchingly conveys the insanity of war. 1992; 2-1/2 hours.DVD and BLUE RAY DVD.

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German soldiers go from victory to survival mode as their army suffers its first major defeat of World War II.

Stalingrad traces a German platoon from the beginning of the Stalingrad campaign to its cold, horrible end, and it is a measure of the talents of the actors, the directors and the writers of this film that you actually begin to empathize with the characters in the film, even though they are members of the Wehrmacht. The scenes of urban combat in the movie are horrific and claustrophobic, again inviting comparison with Saving Private Ryan


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