The Old Fairy When The Sun Was a God takes place in Ninth Century Europe, when various Slavic tribes lived on the land that later became Poland, at a time when each tribe worshipped it’s own, separate god. A cruel prince, Popiel, and his scheming wife will do anything in their power to pass control of this land to their son (and according to local legend, Popiel will finally be eaten by mice). The commander of Popiel’s army, Piastun, is opposed to the crimes and intrigue that Popiel orders him to force on the people to guarantee the succession, and Piastun decides to leave Popiel. Popiel seeks revenge against the commander, but Piastun is rescued from death by a young hunter and warrior, Ziemowit Pastowic. Ziemowit had spent years living with the Vikings and only recently had returned to this area, his former homeland. Ziemowit falls in love with Dziwa, the lovely daughter of Wisz, a wealthy, local merchant, and wants to marry her. But Dziwa’s fate has been decided by her father–she must become a priestess in the local temple….and so, what will happen to the beautiful princess and her brave suitor? Don’t miss this wonderful retelling of one of Poland’s most famous legends.

Language: In Polish, ENGLISH SUBTITLES

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