The Admiral Chester Nimitz Story, THE BIG PICTURE – DVD


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Experience the American Journey through our country’s visual heritage in this historical recording provided by the National Archives of the United States.

From the U.S. Army’s “The Big Picture” television series, 1950-1975.

Not since the Civil War has a conflict provided the world with such a memorable list of military titans than those of World War II. THE BIG PICTURE, having presented the lives of Generals Marshal, MacArthur, and Stilwell, now turns to honor the Army’s sister service with this pictorial biography of one of its most distinguished heroes–Admiral Chester Nimitz. Raised on the extensive plains of Texas, Admiral Nimitz had never seen an ocean when he entered Annapolis at the beginning of the century. Yet, forty years later he rescued the world’s largest body of water from the tyranny of one of the mightiest fleets ever assembled. His incredible and brilliant victories at Midway and the Coral Sea, at Okinawa and the Philippines, will remain forever as an example of the United States Navy’s proudest heritage. THE BIG PICTURE captures the time, the battles, and the man in “The Admiral Chester Nimitz Story.” Using rare, previously unshown film, the viewer is taken back half a century to the early days of the Naval Academy, the Spanish-American War, and the time when Chester Nimitz and the U.S. Navy began to grow together to produce today’s modern fighting force. The second half deals with his role during World War II, his contributions to strategy and leadership, and his personal example of courage and devotion that will always he admired by all men who follow the sea.

This historical recording from the National Archives may contain variations in audio and video quality based on the limitations of the original source material.


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