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The Complete 26 Episode Series PLUS 6 BONUS War Documentary Programs

An Emmy® and Peabody award-winning TV series chronicling naval warfare during WWII. Originally aired on NBC and developed with full cooperation from the US Navy, this 26 episode program includes 13,000 hours of wartime footage and features the major battles such as the Battle of the North Atlantic, the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Midway. Audiences faithfully watched and admired this entertaining and relevant program.


Design For War
The Pacific Boils Over
Midway Is East
Mediterranean Mosaic
Rings Around Rabaul
Mare Nostrum
Sea And Sand
Beneath The Southern Cross
The Magnetic North
Conquest Of Micronesia
Melanesian Nightmare

Roman Renissance
Killers And The Kill
The Turkey Shoot
Two If By Sea
The Battle For Leyte Gulf
Return Of The Allies
Full Fathom Five
The Fate Of Europe
Target Suribachi
The Road To Mandalay
Suicide For Glory
Design For Peace

America s Wars
Over 5 hours of gripping war documentaries from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWIthe Korean War and Vietnam as well as the feature length documentary, True Glory an Academy® Award Winning documentary about WWII.

Revolutionary War The Revolutionary War Vol. 1
From the Declaration of Independence, George Washington s armies, to the eventual British surrender at Yorktown, experience how these events birthed a new nation.

The Civil War The Civil War Vol. 1
Follow the events of a war that inflicted more casualties on American soldiers than any other, from Lincoln s victory in the presidential election of 1860 to Lee s surrender in Northern Virginia on April 9, 1865.

WWI World War I
This fascinating program chronicles the major events of this devastating period in the world s history through insightful narration and compelling archival footage and photographs.

WWII The True Glory
This Academy Award® winning documentary was compiled from actual footage of the World War II Allied invasion of Europe, seen through the lenses of thousands of different cameramen.

The Korean War The First Forty Days in Korea
This U.S. Department of the Army documentary shows what went into bringing American forces into operation in Korea at the start of the conflict in 1950.

The Vietnam War Vietnam! Vietnam!
Directed by John Ford, this documentary was shot on location in Vietnam. Commissioned by the USIA to explain Vietnam, it remains a fascinating piece of propaganda. Narrated by Charlton Heston.


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