Based upon the true story of John Philip Clum (Audie Murphy), Walk the Proud Land is one of the few Westerns of the 1950 s to take a sympathetic and historically accurate view of the Native American Indian s fight with the white settlers. Clum is an Indian agent sent to the San Carlos Apache reservation in Arizona in 1874 to prevent further bloodshed and stop the renegade chief Geronimo (Jay Silverheels) from encouraging young Indian braves to take up their weapons and fight once more. Clum s struggle is made worse by the townsfolk and cavalry who believe that the only good Indian is a scalped one. But whilst Clum makes enemies of the governor, cavalry officers and the more headstrong Apache braves, he begins to win the trust of the elders by talking of the government s new peace plan for Indian autonomy rather than submission and prevent the reservation from siding with Geronimo…

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