color and black and white- See your favorite cartoon friends against the Axis powers of World War 2! These classic cartoons made in the 1940s were designed to entertain, inform, and rally support for the war effort. As such, these cartoons are rarely seen today. Included are- Daffy The Commando- Daffy Duck makes fools out of some Nazi pigeons, -Fifth Column Mouse- An evil cat that is supposed to represent Hitler pursuades a mouse to convince the other mice that he’s a good kitty after all, -Falling Hare- Bugs Bunny encounters a gremlin bent on the destruction on a military plane, -Confusions of a Nutzi Spy- Porky Pig and his dog Eggbert are hot on the trail of a lynx saboteur, -The Ducktators- Hitler, Hirohito, and Mussolini are portrayed as a bunch of bumbling ducks, -Fighting Tools- Private Snafu learns the value of keeping his gun clean when he encounters a tough Nazi, -Gas- Pvt. Snafu’s only hope from an enemy gas attack is his trusty mask, Spies- Pvt. Snafu finds out the hard way that spies are everywhere, -It’s Murder She Says- A frowsy female mosquito tells of her younger days when it was easier to infect military men with malaria, -Booby Traps- Pvt. Snafu accidently sets off a variety of enemy booby traps, and more!

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