Attack Air: Forged in the fires of WWI’s brutal trench warfare, attack aviation emerged as the one hope to break the gruesome stalemate on the ground. In WWII, attack aviation reached its zenith of success as both the Axis and Allies refined it to a deadly art. Fly with our veterans as they dodge trees, flak and fighters during their zero-altitude missions against enemy ground targets. P-51: The P-51 Mustang rose from obscurity to become the greatest long-range fighter in aviation history. Able to outfly even the best of the Axis aircraft, the Mustang decimated its enemies and drove them from the skies over Europe and Japan. But in its infancy, the Mustang flashed none of its war-winning potential. We trace the P-51’s development from its origin through its re-emergence as the dominant aerial weapon of WWII. P-47: A big, bare-knuckled brawler of a fighter, the P-47 combined rugged durability with devastating firepower. Built to be the ultimate high altitude fighter of the war, the Thunderbolt helped drive the Luftwaffe from the skies of Europe. The P-47 proved to be a lethal fighter-bomber, destroying tens of thousands of trucks, tanks and trains.

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