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The damned hot air; damp rot and isolated monotony keep the men at an African plantation either drowning in drink or at each other’s throats with frayed nerves; But the tropical temperature reaches white heat when she appears; The cocoa-skinned; sarong-robed; half-caste temptress Tondelayo; indelibly personified by impossibly beautiful Hedy Lamarr in her iconic role; is a force of nature against whom red-blooded males have no chance; Despite the warnings of his brutish; cynical superior (Walter Pidgeon); the settlement’s doctor (Frank Morgan) and the local missionary (Henry O’Neill); the rubber outpost’s newest arrival (Richard Carlson) falls under the voluptuous siren’s spell and they wed; But since; in the doctor’s words; “she knows how to purr her way into your mind and scratch her way out;” it becomes an unholy union headed toward a murderous end; For Lamarr; it was a new beginning that jump-started her burgeoning Hollywood career and cemented her image as a sex symbol for the ages; All thanks to White Cargo’s treacherous Tondelayo;


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