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Ride the trail to whip crackin’ excitement with Zorro’s Black Whip. This 12-chapter serial is the follow-up to 1940’s The Mark of Zorro and the sixth film in the Zorro saga. It’s the 1880s and Dan Hammond (Francis McDonald) is hellbent on blocking a proposal for Idaho’s statehood. To not be opposed, he murders political rival Randolph Meredith (Jay Kirby). Randolph’s sister Barbara (Linda Stirling, Tiger Woman in Perils of Darkest Jungle), stealthy with a bullwhip and six-shooter, dons a black suit and mask, becoming the titular “Black Whip”. As the avenging vigilante female succesor to the world-renowned hero Zorro, Barbara sets out to foil the evil Hammond and his henchmen at every turn.


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